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Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc.

Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. starts for over the years, and developing Renewable Energy in the Philippines and throughout Asia.


PHESI is also in Hydro and Solar Energy developer and handling such other Renewable Energy Systems.


In this day and age, the world needs to look at the different natural energy sources available to us. Global warming could be due our energy craving lifestyle, so we should look into more environmentally friendly energy sources.


Wind Energy Power Systems (WEPS) is one of the Clean Energy sources that could produced electricity, Philippines's goal for 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 has met the 40% of using it's natural resources as alternative for electricity producers.


Wind energy is also one of a key ingredient for the Philippine's future energy growth and the plan to reduce carbon emissions. Wind energy is fueled by the wind, so it's a clean fuel source. Wind turbines don't produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses.

Project Development






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Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. gained its Forest Land Use Agreement (FLAg) and signed by USec. Demetrio Ignacio last March 12, 2014 as seen on the right photos.


On the top photo from left to right: Director Lourdes Ferrer (DENR) Mr. Nicanor Villaseñor (PHESI-COO), USec. Demetrio Ignacio (DENR), Mr. Armando De Rossi (PHESI-CEO) and Ms. Bethelyn Bogtong (PHESI-Compliance Officer).


Second to top photo: PHESI team thank USec. Ignacio for the signing of its FLAg to start the project very soon.


Mr. Nicanor Villaseñor III (PHESI - COO) and Mr. Armando De Rossi ( PHESI -Chairman /CEO) and Mr. Alastair Vere Nicoll (Partner) and Mr. Michael De Rossi (PHESI - Business Development Manager).


Mr. Nicanor Villaseñor III (PHESI - COO) and Mr. Armando De Rossi ( PHESI -Chairman /CEO) and Mr. Alastair Vere Nicoll (Partner) and Mr. Michael De Rossi (PHESI - Business Development Manager) and Mr. Divyansh Johar (Berkeley Energy).


The Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems Inc. has begun it's mobilization at Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro for its First (1st) Phase 16MW Megawatt Wind Farm Project. The survey team has been deployed 2 months ago for the soil testing for the 8 Towers as well as for the access road and Jetty.

Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. successfully launched the groundbreaking last September 7 for the first Phase 16MW of 48MW WEPS Project at Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.


The Groundbreaking event has been witnessed by His Execellency Italian Ambassador to the Philippines Luca Fornari, Hon. Cong. Rodolfo Valencia (1st District of Mindoro), Hon. Cong. Rey Umali (2nd District of Mindoro), Hon. Governor Alfonso Umali, Hon. USEC Atty. Jay Layug, Hon. Vice Governor Humerlito Dolor, Hon. Mayor Humberto Dolor, Executives of ORMECO, Mr. Armando De Rossi (CEO - PHESI), Mr. Nicanor Villaseñor (COO-PHESI) and the full force support of Local Officials of Mindoro for the upcoming project on the province.


Construction of the project will start on this November 2012 from the Loading bay (Jetty) upto the Access Road going to the project site.


The loading bay for the WEPS equipments at Bgry. Tabinay has been prepared and
organized including the PHESI sub-office in the area.


Today, people are realizing that wind power "is one of the most promising new
energy sources" that can serve as an alternative to fossil fuel-generated electricity.


PHESI and GAMESA already attended the GRID Impact study at Shang-rila EDSA

last Septempber 05, 2011.


Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. - PHESI has launched it's official

Logo representing the three renewable energies Hydro, Wind, and Solar.


PHESI and GAMESA signed the EPC Contract at Mindoro last

October 7, 2011 in the presence of Hon. Vice President Jejomar Binay at Neo

Calapan Mall at Calapan, Mindoro.


Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc – PHESI Announced today that Mr. Samuel Patrick DalSanto resigned as Chief Financial Officer….


ERC Case No.2014-001 (ERC Notice of Public Hearing)

ERC Case No.2014-001 RC Order



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